design & photography


“For me, photographs of landscape must be habitable, not visitable.”

– Roland Barthes

These photographs are about people and space and the interaction of the two. These images are meant to serve as both documentary and interior photographs. By combining these two ‘genres’ of photography, a tension is created ­— ideally presenting the architecture and design of a space, while trying to accurately represent the inhabitants of the space. These two tasks come with different registrations of how to be successful, however, I believe the documentation of interiors is enhanced by the interaction between space and people. 


All of the photographs in this collection are taken in the homes of the subjects. The home is a space of vulnerability, routine, comfort, and privacy. Our homes speak of who we are and allow us to experience each season life offers in our most authentic state. Ecclesiastes 3, the passage of scripture often titled “A Time for Everything,” discusses time not as chronos, but as kairos, the fullness of time. As our culture often operates on the strictness of time — it is necessary to have a space where this isn’t the case. It is this kind of time that can be experienced in the home. Packaged as a part of my exhibition is a collection of hand letterpressed stationery, with a variety of verses from Ecclesiastes 3. Often taking the time to write someone a letter or offer a gesture of hospitality, does not fit in the time schedule of our day, however, I hope this exhibition encourages you to share your home and to share your seasons — and ultimately to share more of yourself.